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Are you looking for a new kitchen, closet or bathroom? Are you wondering what’s out there and how to get a handle on it? Have you been looking through the magazines for ideas to be up on the latest styles? Do you want to know how to apply it to your home? If you have been asking yourself these questions then you should stop by and take a look at our Designer showroom. You will be able to explore the kind of options we can offer you. If you have questions, why not chat with us right now? We also have some online tools that can help you with your ideas, such as a Room Planner as well as a PDF Layout Sheet. Once you have put your information into the Room Planner, you can email the layout to our Designers, who will then contact you and set up an appointment..

What to Expect

  • During your first appointment we will review the expectations of what you would like to see in your project and how you would like it to function. You will be able to pick your door style, wood type, counter tops and anything else that you wish during this appointment.
  • Our designer will then take that information and turn it into a Design layout and prepare a quote for you.
  • Once this information is ready we will contact you and have you come in and review the drawings and quote with us.
  • Once you have decided to go forward with the project, we will continue as follows:
  • We will rework the drawings until you are fully satisfied with the layout.
  • We will come to your home and take final measurements to make sure everything will fit as planned.
  • When everyone is satisfied with the final product, we will take a deposit and put the project into production.


Key Facts for Kitchen Installation

To help us provide you with a smooth transition of your new kitchen, the following activities should be decided or discussed with us.

  • Your options on your old kitchen.
  • Plan the electrical and plumbing requirements for the new design.
  • Painting of wall prior to kitchen installation.
  • Discuss any kitchen accessories for which you would like us to install.
  • You will need the appliances available on site for your installation date.
  • Once your kitchen arrives we will contact you to review your kitchen.
  • We will then coordinate an install date that is convenient for you.
  • Install of the kitchen can take from 2-3 days depending on the size of the kitchen.

Contact Information


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Business hours

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