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Gober Doors

A name that has been synonymous with quality and elegance for more than 20 years. In the hands of our craftsmen, the nobility and warmth of the wood that we use is evoked as it bares its soul. Natural wood is the primary material used to make our cupboard doors, and it combines with each individual’s unique personality to create an exclusive cachet for each kitchen, the heart of every home.

Dorr Industries

Dorr Industries

DÖRR Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of custom architectural products. We mainly work on the transformation of panels used to make cabinet doors and cabinets. We have created a very innovative product: our "FLUSHWALL" interior door system from the Integra Series. DÖRR Industries is also a dedicated and ingenious team working to transform materials to inspire design. We are on the lookout for trends and our tailor-made approach allows us to offer an infinite number of possibilities.



Always create. It is our genuine commitment. Create decors based on principles of simplicity, boldness and efficient functionality, and a vision of elegance and comfort where the materials, the lighting and the textures are alive and harmonious, and speak the same language.

Distinctive Wood Products

Distinctive Wood Products

At Distinctive Wood Products our philosophy is to provide our customers with the quality they expect at a price they can afford. With over 25 years experience in the cabinetry and woodworking business our work force will meet or exceed expectations in craftsmanship, delivery and service.


Barazin Doors

Barazin design+concept, a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum doors and architectural glass, enables you to push the boundaries of design with its unique products. Barazin is inspired by the latest European styles and, in addition to its collection of kitchen cabinet and furniture doors, offers a full range of innovative related products custom-made according to your needs and specifications. Express your creativity with Barazin design+concept!

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