Counter Tops


For many people, granite countertops represent both elegance and style. This amazing stone comes in a wide selection of colors and is remarkably durable. Granite countertops have a great look and some colours, require periodic maintenance, such as resealing. But overall they are still one of the most popular counter tops


Quartz countertops represent a man-made stone that is resistant to scratches, acids, and stains. A wider range of colors is available in quartz countertops, and there is no need for resealing.


Laminate countertops represent an economical choice, but can still look great. Modern materials are making laminate countertops more durable and easy to maintain. Laminates are available in almost limitless in colors and finishes. Laminate countertops are not as impervious to scratches and chips as some of the more durable stone and man-made materials. But they do hold up well over time if looked after.

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