Flooring & Tile

We have a very large selection of flooring materials available to us from a number of National Brands. Carpet Tile, Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Laminate, Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile, Vinyl Composite Core Plank, Commercial Flooring, along with Floor and Wall Tile. No matter what your budget is, we have an option for you. Please take a look at the many different suppliers that we represent and let J & J By Design do the rest.

Olympia Tile

A front-runners in the industry, Olympia has great influence over styling and demand, particularly within North America and also worldwide. Additionally, through its large volume purchasing capacity, Olympia has a strong influence over its suppliers around the world to create the most fitting and desirable products for the Canadian and American markets.


Centura Tile is a uniquely equipped Canadian company that provides floor and wall materials for both residential and commercial clients. Since 1933, we have provided Canadians with competitive prices for tiles and installation tools, making us one of the most experienced and trusted flooring companies in the country.

Epico Forest Products

We are a full-service flooring company that provides flooring services and materials to people all over the country. We cater for the needs of residential, commercial and industrial areas.


Whatever your use area whether it’s a hospital, a school, a retail store or an office we know you have a wide choice of flooring products to choose from.

Fuzion Flooring

The Fuzion Flooring Brand is built on the promise of well designed, quality products, at fair/value price points. At Fuzion we work with the design community, floor covering professionals, and our manufacturing facilities to create the most appropriate products for today’s design and home fashion trends.

Shaw Flooring

When you select Shaw carpet, hardwood, laminate, area rugs, tile or resilient flooring, you can be certain you are buying the finest floor covering available, backed by comprehensive warranties, and manufactured under the most environmentally responsible methods in the industry. Shaw is committed to providing the highest quality, most environmentally responsible, and fashionable products to our customers.

Seasons Flooring

As a fully integrated forest products company, we are well positioned as one of the world's long term suppliers of decorative wood products. Through our continued innovation and dynamic leadership, Commonwealth Plywood has assured its place as a reliable supplier in the global forest products industry. We have the consistent quality and dependable supply you require both now and in the future.

Wickham Hardwood

The grade of wood is one way to classify hardwood flooring according to the different plank textures and natural features. Knots, mineral streaks, shakes and checks, or other character traits do not impact the quality of the planks. The choice of grade is also a matter of design preference and will depend on the look that you want your floor to have. Wickham Flooring offers up to 5 grades of wood depending on the range of hardwood or engineered wood floors that you choose.


Armstrong offers hundreds of floor covering options for you to choose from. Our hardwood floors are available in many popular wood species, from classic oak to exotic tropical hardwoods.


Manufactured in Canada, the Canadian Heritage Series from Laurentian Hardwood brings you traditional solid hardwood flooring of exceptional quality. The Canadian Heritage Series offers a wide range of stain colours and domestic wood species that will complement both traditional and modern decor.


We provide fashionable and contemporary products, comprehensive integrated marketing programs, and industry leading logistical services, Shnier has earned the reputation of being one of the most innovative, leading edge organizations in the Canadian floor covering industry.


Since its introduction in 2003, the Kentwood collection has grown to offer hundreds of styles of authentic hardwood floors, with colors, species and finishes to suit every kind of lifestyle and living space – including a wide selection of FSC certified products.

Richmond Laminate

The Richmond brand has brought contemporary carpet solutions to homes across Canada. Richmond’s colour and style options are expansive, with fibres like Chromolon. The strong equity of the Richmond brand was leveraged into the Richmond Laminate line in 2008 and has since become Shnier’s top selling Laminate line. Richmond Laminate planks are non-fading, durable and incredibly realistic to satisfy every flooring desire.


Unlike most of today’s companies that exist only to continuously pump out an array of mass produced consumer goods, CRAFT is actually about something. CRAFT has a philosophy. CRAFT is a way of thinking – about wood.


Goodfellow has long been the leader in the processing and distribution of Exotic Woods, Douglas Fir, Construction Timber, Cedar, Pine and Hardwoods. We distribute a wide range of flooring, siding and decking products. Our line also includes pressure-treated lumber, glue-laminated wood beam structures, wood sidings, and a complete range of plywood and speciality wood panels. We also distribute a variety of wood and construction related products. Goodfellow provides custom orders prepared in our own remanufacturing plants, assuring rapid “Just in Time” deliveries throughout North America.

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